18th Century Flamestitch Wallet


First project post!  Yay!  I actually finished this wallet last April, but I just got the nice pictures and I figured this would be a good opportunity to test out some formatting stuff (and show them off!).  This year I’m hoping to keep up with the Historical Sew Monthly, so I’m going to play with this as if it’s an HSM challenge.

The Challenge: Imaginary Challenge!

Fabric: Linen canvas, cotton/linen blend lining.

Pattern: Loosely based on one of the wallets in Fitting and Proper by Sharon Ann Burnston

Year: 1770s

Notions: Crewel embroidery wool, wool twill tape, linen thread, rag paper (for interlining), thin cardboard (for interlining)

How historically accurate is it?  Pretty darn.  Though I will admit the thin cardboard came from the back of a wall calendar.

Hours to complete: Many.  Many many hours of embroidery.  Putting it together took an afternoon.

First worn: April 2014

Total cost: The only stuff I actually bought was the lining (something like $10-12 a yard, that’s the general range at City Quilter. I can’t remember if I bought a yard or half a yard, but this could easily be scraps) and the twill tape ($8.55).  The rest of it came from around work.


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