Sketch Saturday: Disney Princess Regency Dresses!


In an effort to force myself to draw more, I’m trying out a Sketch Saturday feature!  So prepare for sketches of varying quality on completely random subjects (fair warning though: they will mostly be clothes).

For my first Sketch Saturday, I drew out some designs that I’ve been pondering this week for Disney Princess regency dresses.  This was an idea that one of my Williamsburg friends had for a fancy dress party, which sounds pretty brilliant, honestly.  It proved to be more challenging task than I had originally anticipated; Disney princess dresses are most recognizable for their large, sweeping shapes and bold colours, whereas Regency dresses feature small, intricate details and a (sometimes but not always) more subdued palette.  So they’re not perfectly historical, but I think they’re both historical enough and recognizable enough to work.  And finding Regency equivalents for different motifs, sleeve styles, etc. was some pretty fun research.



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