Trying out a Regency hairstyle


Next weekend I’m going down to Williamsburg for the George Washington Ball!  All of my 18th century stuff is in storage, so I’m going to wear my apron-front Regency dress that I started last year at a Burnley and Trowbridge workshop (it just needs a hem now!)  In preparation, I tried out this tutorial by the amazing Janet Stephens, hairstyle archaeologist:

These were my materials – a silky charmeuse-y scarf, and this super pretty back comb I got on eBay!  It’s plastic, but it has the look of bone or ivory.

IMG_1697My hair is not quite as long or thick as the model’s in the video, but it worked pretty well!  In future, I think I’ll have to start my french braid farther up my head, and pull it tighter – the back comb did slip a bit.  I also want to find a different scarf, for two reasons: this scarf was really too much scarf, I think, and I want a red scarf to go with my dress, if I can find one!  It will also look nicer when the ends of my hair are curlier.  I’m going to keep practicing this week so by next weekend it’ll be sturdy enough for a night of dancing.  Yay!

Here’s the back:



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