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Our magical morning at History of Costume class 💙 1840s costume by Mem Barnett

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Hi everyone!  I’m so sorry I haven’t been around for a while, I’ve been extremely busy with life and work and grad school and everything ><  But as the school year winds down I’m (hopefully!!) going to be able to post more!

Yesterday I did a corset demo and dressing in my costume history class at school.  I pulled out a powder blue 1840s dress with a big flounced skirt that I made ages ago in undergrad for a classmate who is a great deal smaller than I am, so I can never wear it.  I’m very glad for it to see the light of day every now and then!

Beautiful model is my amazing classmate Natalie Finch.  Beautiful photos by the amazing Ya’ara Keydar.

For her hair, I used another one of Janet Stephens’ amazing youtube tutorials – Papillote curls!  This technique is super easy – it involves wrapping a curl of hair in a triangle of tissue paper, flat ironing it, letting it cool, and taking the tissue paper off.  It worked REALLY well, for having never tried it before.  I don’t own a flat iron, so while I was able to practice wrapping curls of my own hair in tissue paper but I was not able to see any results (other than me looking silly with tissue paper in my hair).  I will definitely be using this technique in the future – and I cut about a million tissue paper triangles, so I’m pretty set!


I hope everyone’s willing to stick with me despite my absence, and I have some exciting stuff coming up soon.  This weekend is the New York 19th Century Society Extravaganza, including a Fancy Dress Ball that I’m hoping to be able to attend (here is the Facebook event, for anyone who’s interested!).  Also, last week my class visited Cora Ginsburg LLC, an awesome antique costume and textile dealer on the Upper East Side, and they let us look at and touch a bunch of really amazing pieces of 19th century clothing – LOTS of photos to come.  And of course in May I’m headed to San Antonio for the Costume Society of America symposium!  Yay!  So watch this space for new and exciting things from me 🙂

Movie Mondays to resume (hopefully) next week with the 1830s!


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