Return of the Regency Hairstyle!


Some of you may remember I attended the George Washington Ball in Willamsburg a few months ago and posted about trying out a Regency hairstyle from Janet Stephens’ YouTube channel.  Unfortunately it ended up not working so well at the ball – the comb kept slipping and falling out, and I didn’t really have the range of arm motion to fix it, so my hair was kind of wild and free for most of that ball.

You can’t see any of the curls on top because the back is slipping down


After shoving the comb back in every two seconds while dancing this is what it ended up looking like

However, with one modern concession I was able to make this a sturdy, ball-viable hairstyle.  I put a hair elastic at the bottom of the French braid section before twisting the length up and putting the comb in – which kept the top of the French braid in place, which supported the comb so it didn’t slip down.  This way the hairstyle ended up being very secure and comfortable and I didn’t have to touch it all night (and it was so easy I put it up on the subway!).

I also found the perfect red sheer scarf in the scarf swap at the CSA conference, which was great!


Enjoy my Regency duck face

We had a lovely night of dancing at the Beau Monde (Regency chapter of the Romance Writers of America) conference.  It amuses me to no end that enough people write Regency romance to have a their own chapter in a professional organization.

I’m hard at work on my new gown for Ren Faire, so you should see a post about it soon!



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