CoBloWriMo 4: Badge!


We are so super legit now you guys!  The lovely and talented Carrie of Mantua Maker at Midnight has made us our own very own CoBloWriMo badge!


Feel free to download it and put it into your blog’s sidebar, or copy and paste this code:

<a href = "">

<img class=" size-full wp-image-644 aligncenter

" src=""

alt="coblowrimo-2016" width="200" height="200" /></a>

Huzzah! Longer post to come hopefully tonight, I missed Friday because it got unexpectedly crazy and then yesterday was the first New York Renaissaince Faire rehearsal which of course left me with complete all consuming exhaustion but still very happy at the end of it.


5 thoughts on “CoBloWriMo 4: Badge!

    • If you go into the ‘customize’ settings for your blog, there should be an option to add widgets into your sidebar – you can add this either as an HTML widget where you copy and paste all that code, or as an image widget where you upload just the image. Feel free to FB message me, I might be able to walk you through it.

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      • I’ve managed it before, but each time I’m starting from scratch lol. I found the add widget thing, but it has a gazillion boxes that I COULD paste the code into…I’ll have a bash at it with the image perhaps. Thanks, I may need you again very soon!


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