CoBloWriMo 7 – Dream Wardrobe


Just a quick one because I again am writing late at night right before I have to go to sleep.  These are some dream projects that I would love to do once I have underwear from every time period that fits correctly and money to buy all the beautiful silks in the world.

My ultimate dream project: Deborah Kerr’s ballgown from The King and I. It’s my favourite musical of all time and it’s the movie that gave me my love of crinolines.

Madame de Saint-Maurice (1776) by Joseph Siffred Duplessis. I love Madame so very much and while pink is not usually in my personal colour palette I would wear the crap out of it in this context.

This red taffeta and black velvet suit from the 1780s; I forget who the subject is, but the portrait is by Vigee-LeBrun

This Regency open robe made of brightly coloured sari fabric of some sort. No one’s figured out what museum this is in yet; someone I talked to suggested it might be Russian.

This 1840s chick is hidden away in the depths of the American Wing period rooms at the Met. She’s fab and I want her hat.

“Girl Reading” by Alfred Emile Stevens (1856). I really want a sheer dress; they appeal to my inner Scarlett O’Hara.

This Lepape illustration called “Les Papillons” is from La Gazette du Bon Ton. I don’t usually care for the 1910s, but this is so simple and striking and gorgeous.

1855 Archery Jacket from (potentially) the Museum of London (the way it’s listed online is weird?). I just love the idea of Victorian women doing archery. I would of course pair it with a red petticoat.

Bonus: not an outfit, but how baller is this 1876 space quilt. I want to reproduce it one day just because it’s awesome.


Don’t let’s ask for the moon…


We have the stars!

You may not have guessed already, but I love stars.  I am a HUGE sucker for anything with a celestial-themed design on it (the galaxy print trend has been GREAT).  I was looking through an article about this year’s Tonys gowns when I saw J-Lo’s Valentino gown and was INSPIRED.  So for your viewing pleasure here are some of my favourite things with stars on them.

(This post brought to you by me sitting at the reference desk by myself in a university library in the middle of the summer.)



Some photos from an awesome presentation by Michaele Haynes at the Witte Museum about Fiesta gowns (this is apparently a big deal San Antonio thing that has been going on since the late 19th century) from last week’s Costume Society conference!

This first set is from this year’s Coronation, the Court of Captivating Islands.  One is Jamaica, one is the Bahamas.


This is from a recent exhibition at the Witte, which shows a gown from each decade.  The one from the 50s (far left) is my favourite (surprise surprise), and it reminded me of something…