HSM ’15 Challenge #6: Out of your Comfort Zone


A few days belated, but definitely worth the wait!  I finished the sewing on my 1780 outfit about five minutes before I had to put it on this morning.  A few of the pieces aren’t 100% completely finished, but they’re wearable and they look great!  I had a lovely day at South Street Seaport, and totally geeked out about the Hermione the whole time like the huge nerd I am.  She was absolutely gorgeous and I am in love.

The Challenge: Out of your Comfort Zone

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All the Bits: L’Hermione Outfit Dress Diary, Part 2


To begin today’s post, I present you with one of Google’s more questionable associations… IMG_2267 So that happened!  Also, I found a perfectly-sized basket to carry with my 18th century outfit! Someone was getting rid of it on my block and it was just sitting out on the stoop.  I picked it up on the way to work and carried it around with me for the rest of the day.  I couldn’t figure out why I was getting weird looks, but apparently casual basket-carrying is not common outside of Colonial Williamsburg… IMG_2233 Anyway…


It needs a press, but it looks nice!

After working on my super awesome red shoes, I was so excited to get started working on the rest of this outfit.  I immediately started working on a shift, which I figured wouldn’t take me more than two or three days…but it ended up taking about a week and a half.  I did a lot more of it by hand than I originally intended to – because speed is of the essence on this project, I am trying to work as much on the machine as possible without any machine finishing being visible on the outside of garments – and as much hand sewing as I do, I am not very quick at it.  So it took forever, but the shift has hand-finished seams and hems, which look quite nice!  I used this tiny rolled hem tutorial for the neckline.  I’m probably going to press it flat, but it made it very easy to sew a teeny tiny hem! IMG_2257 Continue reading