HSM ’15 Challenge #6: Out of your Comfort Zone


A few days belated, but definitely worth the wait!  I finished the sewing on my 1780 outfit about five minutes before I had to put it on this morning.  A few of the pieces aren’t 100% completely finished, but they’re wearable and they look great!  I had a lovely day at South Street Seaport, and totally geeked out about the Hermione the whole time like the huge nerd I am.  She was absolutely gorgeous and I am in love.

The Challenge: Out of your Comfort Zone

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All the Bits: L’Hermione Outfit Dress Diary, Part 2


To begin today’s post, I present you with one of Google’s more questionable associations… IMG_2267 So that happened!  Also, I found a perfectly-sized basket to carry with my 18th century outfit! Someone was getting rid of it on my block and it was just sitting out on the stoop.  I picked it up on the way to work and carried it around with me for the rest of the day.  I couldn’t figure out why I was getting weird looks, but apparently casual basket-carrying is not common outside of Colonial Williamsburg… IMG_2233 Anyway…


It needs a press, but it looks nice!

After working on my super awesome red shoes, I was so excited to get started working on the rest of this outfit.  I immediately started working on a shift, which I figured wouldn’t take me more than two or three days…but it ended up taking about a week and a half.  I did a lot more of it by hand than I originally intended to – because speed is of the essence on this project, I am trying to work as much on the machine as possible without any machine finishing being visible on the outside of garments – and as much hand sewing as I do, I am not very quick at it.  So it took forever, but the shift has hand-finished seams and hems, which look quite nice!  I used this tiny rolled hem tutorial for the neckline.  I’m probably going to press it flat, but it made it very easy to sew a teeny tiny hem! IMG_2257 Continue reading

The Red Shoes: L’Hermione Outfit Dress Diary, part 1


If you haven’t seen my summer update, you might not know that the Hermione, the replica of the Marquis De Lafayette’s ship that he sailed to America during the revolution, is going to be in New York at the beginning of July, and I’m working on a 1780 outfit for this event.  I bought a pair of Pemberley imperfects from American Duchess during their last spring cleaning sale, and hadn’t decided what to do with them until this project popped up!


18th Century Shoes, Chamberlain & Sons. Photo from Curating Fashion.

The design for these shoes is inspired in part by this pair of 18th century shoes.

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HSM ’15 Challenge #2: Blue


Yay!  I finished the actual work last week, but I waited until I could get a good picture, and I figured my blue hat in front of a blue box was fitting!

The Challenge: Blue

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HSM “Blue” Challenge Inspiration


It’s been very cold in NYC this winter, which means I’ve had lots of opportunity to wear one of the coolest pieces of clothing I own: a vintage WWII RAF officer’s greatcoat!  It’s the heaviest piece of clothing I own and it’s usually too warm for average winter weather, but since it’s been EXTRA cold, this baby’s seeing the most action it’s had since I bought it in 2012.  I’ve discovered, though, that I don’t have any warm hats that look good with it! (Surprise surprise, rainbow beanies and Gryffindor-coloured earflap hats look very silly with badass 40s coats).

So for February’s HSM challenge, “Blue”, I’m going to make a 1940s-style tam to go with my awesome coat.


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