Fashion Idioms


Dear readers,

I am heading off to the first weekend of rehearsals for the New York Renaissance Faire!  Huzzah!  I am very excited for the rehearsal process, last year I started part-way through the season and missed it.

Readers, this is where I need your help.  This year I am portraying the Queen’s Mistress of the Robes (which is going to be so, so fun).  In order to create her unique voice, I am collecting up as many fashion, sewing, and textile-related idioms as I can think of.  There are so many that we use in everyday speech (straight-laced, tight-knit, bursting at the seams, and infinitely more) that I cannot possibly think of them all myself.

So, readers, please comment with any fashion, sewing, or textile-related idioms you’d like to share!  I would love to hear from you!


Summer Update


Hello everyone!  School is finally over, and now I am (relatively) free to do lots and lots of sewing!  I have a few major projects planned, plus some other exciting things happening this summer.

L'Hermione L’Hermione

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