To-Do List


This is where I keep track of current and upcoming projects!


Fitted Gown from The Tudor Tailor

Fitted Gown from The Tudor Tailor

This will be a black velvet fitted gown with gold satin ribbon for the New York Renaissance Faire.

Goal: August 2015

Elizabethan Gloves

Gloves 1615-1625, V&A Museum

I like the idea of having gloves to go with my court gown.  There’s an extant pair with blackwork cuffs that I can’t find pictures of but there’s a pattern for them in Patterns of Fashion 4 by Janet Arnold.  I’m going to choose a blackwork pattern from A Schole-House for the Needle (1632), and I have some black and white silk thread to use. I think these are going to be my in-character project for the Faire this summer, so it doesn’t super matter when I finish them.

Camp Garb

The Tudor Tailor

I learned this year that I don’t have any Renaissance garb that I can wear in good historical conscience other than my big gown, which is not great for camping or non-formal events.  I’d like to make a kirtle, fitted gown, and waistcoat using patterns from The Tudor Tailor, and maybe another coif and hat.

Embroidered Pin-Ball

Photo from Williamsburg Marketplace

These small pincushions hang from the waist by a ribbon or chain.  I bought the ring ages ago but I haven’t made my pin-ball because I can’t decide what to put on it!  I would like to have it for when I visit Williamsburg with my class in November.

Chemise á la Reine

Duchess of Alba Francisco Goya 1795

Duchess of Alba – Francisco Goya 1795

I want to make this mostly because of this portrait.  It has two things that you’ll notice are a common thread in my work: red accessories and giant curly hair.  No idea WHEN I’m going to make this, but I’ve started looking around for fabric.  And the construction should be pretty easy.  I like the idea of a more casual 18th century style, though it’s too late for me to wear at work.  I can wear it or events and stuff.

Regency Open Robe


I have never been able to figure out what what museum this is in; any info would be great.  I love the use of sari fabric, and the bright colours (there are so many white Regency dresses out there, some variety is always nice!)

Cavalier Suit

This will be kind of a fun random silly project, but I think I could rock it.  I think the high waist and the shape of the breeches will be flattering on me, and I already have Charles II hair!  And of course I always want an excuse to wear silk and lace.


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