HSM ’15 Challenge #2: Blue


Yay!  I finished the actual work last week, but I waited until I could get a good picture, and I figured my blue hat in front of a blue box was fitting!

The Challenge: Blue

Fabric: Wool worsted yarn

Pattern: Fair Isle Tam, inspired by the Victory Beret

Year: 1940s

Notions: The usual knitting supplies

How historically accurate is it? It’s 100% wool (caring about fiber content is haaaaaard), and knitting techniques are basically the same, so pretty good, I’d say!

Hours to complete: Two days?  Not so great about counting hours, unfortunately.  This was a quick knit.

First worn: Last week, and every day since!

Total cost: Probably a total of about $30 for all five balls of yarn, but this could easily be done with scraps, and I have tons of leftover yarn for other things.

Here are some progress photos, I ended up having to block the darn thing twice, and I still think it needs to be bigger so I may block it yet another time over a bigger plate.


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